Terms and Conditions


“Jobeo.ch” is a product developed by “JOBEO SA,” headquartered in Sion, Valais, Switzerland.

These general Terms and Conditions (T&C) govern the contractual relationships between “JOBEO SA” and its advertisers, private or professional (hereafter referred to as “users”), and apply to all products and services offered by “JOBEO SA,” in particular regarding the use of “Jobeo.ch.”



These Terms and Conditions of Sale govern the rights and obligations of parties involved in consultation services and publication of posts and written content of any nature (commercial or editorial) offered to any user.


These Terms and Conditions are de facto approved and accepted upon signature of a partnership agreement, confirmation of an order, payment of a bill, or use of a “JOBEO SA” product or service. “JOBEO SA” reserves the right to modify its T&C at any time. “JOBEO SA” will appropriately inform its users in advance of any T&C modifications. If the changes present problems for the user, they have the possibility to prematurely terminate their contract until the date when the modifications become effective, without financial consequences. If the user does not take these steps, they accept the changes.


Post quota

When an “Advertising on Jobeo.ch Agreement” is concluded, “JOBEO SA” makes a determined number of slots available to the user, to be used as they see fit (one post per slot and per day, no limit on rotation) throughout the duration agreed upon in the contract.

Post content

All users assume sole responsibility for their content and for complying with the current Swiss legislation, these Terms and Conditions, public order, as well as moral standards. “JOBEO SA” takes no responsibility for the truthfulness of a post’s contents, and may in no way be held accountable for the direct or indirect consequences of a post.

In the event of legal action taken against “JOBEO SA” as a result of a post, the company reserves the right to implicate the user (advertiser). In this case, the user agrees to take full responsibility for all fees, judicial and/or extrajudicial, related to the third-party claims. “JOBEO SA” reserves the right to require modifications to or refuse any proposed posting. The advertiser shall be notified of this, however they are not entitled to any form of compensation, and “JOBEO SA” is not required to provide reasoning behind their decision.

Post quality

Users agree to only publish posts for vacant positions. To ensure quality, users also agree to publish a single unfilled offer no more than 2 times without first making significant modifications.

“JOBEO SA” reserves the right to refuse or remove posts that do not comply with its requirements, without warning or prior justification.

Importing posts

Whenever possible and reasonable, posts are retrieved directly from the user’s web-based HR system, preferably through a JSON or XML data stream, using a data scraping script or by making an FTP available to the user through which to submit their posts in PDF format. “JOBEO SA” reserves the right to choose which method to employ.

Once an import system is in place, the user agrees to inform “JOBEO SA” at least 30 days in advance of any IT infrastructure changes that may interfere with post imports. “JOBEO SA” reserves the right to charge for operating costs if “JOBEO SA” determines that an adaptation to the new infrastructure will be long or complex.

Publishing posts

“JOBEO SA” offers users of “Jobeo.ch” a post publication service on the website www.jobeo.ch and reserves the right to publish these posts on other sites directly related to “Jobeo.ch,” including “Jobeo.ch,” social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.) as well as any sites directly affiliated with “Jobeo.ch,” without notifying users. The user also allows any www.jobeo.ch visitors to republish their posts, for which “JOBEO SA” does not assume any responsibility.

The user authorizes “JOBEO SA” to evaluate and edit their posts before publishing on www.jobeo.ch. “Evaluating and editing” includes (i) automatically extracting key words from posts, (ii) adding an additional header or title to the post, (iii) inserting tags into the post to improve search engine optimization.


“JOBEO SA” offers “Jobeo.ch” users a system that allows job applicants to apply for positions by e-mail or to be redirected to the application page of the client’s website. “JOBEO SA” also offers the possibility to create a link between the user’s application management system and www.jobeo.ch such that each application is directly entered into the user’s application management system, however “JOBEO SA” is under no obligation to offer this service. “JOBEO SA” is completely and entirely free to decide, for any reason, to offer this service or not.

Data proctection

“JOBEO SA” respects your right to personal privacy and protects the data you supply when using “Jobeo.ch” to advertise or apply to jobs. While “JOBEO SA” takes all of the necessary steps to ensure that your data remains secure and confidential, including technical solutions (protected servers) and administrative precautions (company data protection policy), “JOBEO SA” cannot completely guarantee the confidentiality, quality, or availability of your information.

The user accepts that, when they apply to a job, their personal information be sent using the Jobeo.ch technical and commercial setting to the company that posted the position, whether in Switzerland or abroad, through servers located in Switzerland or abroad. “JOBEO SA” may not be held responsible for how this data received by the company owning the post to which the user applied uses said information.

Personal data collection and use

Any personal data collected is used for applications as well as to improve our services, and may not be used for “marketing” purposes, nor resold without the express consent of the user. This collected data includes direct personal information used for applications as well as indirect data such as cookies and information regarding the use of “Jobeo.ch.” When a user applies to a post, they give express permission to “JOBEO SA” to save the application data and to share it with companies that are in search of applicants and that are “JOBEO SA” clients. “Jobeo.ch” users may, at any time and for any reason, ask that their personal data be erased.

“JOBEO SA” uses cookies on Jobeo.ch. Cookies are small text files stored in a folder on the user’s computer, tablet, or mobile phone by our servers, and managed by the user’s web browser. The cookies that we use are temporary (also called session cookies or transient cookies). They allow us to access the following information:

  • Preferences: for example, languages, locations, login information when a session is opened on our website, etc.
  • Performance: for example, most-visited pages, visitor origins, etc.

Cookies give us information about how our website is used and how it performs, and therefore allow us to make improvements, such as suggesting the most relevant results for users who allow cookies. Users may change their browser settings to disable or clear cookies at any time. However, please note that disabling or erasing cookies may restrict the use of certain features.

Below are links with information about changing cookie preferences for the major web browsers:


When a user creates a Jobeo.ch account, they give express consent to “JOBEO SA” to save their data and to share it with companies that are in search of applicants and that are “JOBEO SA” clients. Interested recruiters may then contact users through the tools made available by “JOBEO SA” or with their own means of communication.

Although “JOBEO SA” limits access to user data to recruitment professionals, “JOBEO SA” may not be held responsible for a company’s use of the personal information present in the applicant space (including e-mail addresses and phone numbers). “Jobeo.ch” users may ask that their data be erased and their account deleted at any time and for any reason.


Contract and Conditions


An early termination of an “Advertising on Jobeo.ch Agreement” does not give the user the right to reimbursement or termination payments. The totality of the agreed price shall remain payable and the user shall not have any right to reimbursement of previously-paid services. The same applies in the event of a freeze initiated by “JOBEO SA” in accordance with these T&C.


The user authorizes “JOBEO SA” to use data collected for commercial purposes (notably for statistics and data analysis). The data collected is used only to carry out the contract’s purpose and will under no circumstances be shared with third parties.

When a contract with a user ends, “JOBEO SA” is not obligated to save the documents and data that were shared with it during the business relationship, and reserves the right not to do so, unless a written agreement indicates otherwise.


Payment is required when a contract is concluded. “JOBEO SA” invoices are payable within 30 days, including the date of receipt. Late payment reminder fees and an 8% interest rate on unpaid amounts may be claimed as of the 2nd reminder. In case of a final payment notice, “JOBEO SA” reserves the right to suspend further services without prior notice.


In accordance with the T&C, the user accepts the limits of the Internet and methods of electronic communication. An interruption or malfunction of the services offered by “JOBEO SA” does not make “JOBEO SA” responsible for any direct or indirect loss, injury or damage of any nature, including in the event of a server outage, virus attack, piracy or hacking, or other technical issues resulting in a partial or complete interruption. In the event of a service defect, the advertiser shall be responsible for the full cost of any maintenance, repairs, or corrections to their own equipment and software.



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T&C Amendments

These Terms and Conditions have been in effect since 03/30/2014, and “JOBEO SA” reserves the right to modify them at any time.

Place of juridiction

These terms and conditions shall be governed and construed exclusively by the current Swiss legislation. The place of jurisdiction is Sion, Switzerland.

Updated terms & conditions

Last updated on May 1, 2017.